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Our Remote Support Disclaimer

Whilst we embark on taking all due care in the use of your computer, Elasnik cannot guarantee this service will resolve the IT problem or that the attempt to resolve technical issues will not cause additional problems requiring an onsite or back-to-base support call. Elasnik is not liable for any consequential damages and it is the client’s responsibility to backup all applications and data prior to the session.

NB. Please close any personal or confidential information on your screen, as the technician will be viewing your desktop.

By using this Remote Support Service you understand that:

  • All remote service and software provided "as is" and at customers sole risk.
  • You are responsible for the backup of your data and applications. 
  • Elasnik is not liable for consequential damages of any kind. 
  • Elasnik is not liable for unauthorised access to anybody's computers via the remote software ‘TeamViewer’ (anyone can connect to your computer using TeamViewer, however they will need the password and unique identifier to do so). 
  • Elasnik will not disclose passwords or IDs to any undisclosed 3rd party.

The Software

Elasnik uses the software ‘TeamViewer’ to provide remote assistance and technical support. Features of this software include:

Easy to use and totally secure. You are in full control and can end the session at any time. 

Completely secure data channels with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding, the same security standard used in HTTPS/SSL technologies - the gold standard in security on the internet. 

Ability to diagnose and resolve problems remotely. 

Allow your support representative to view or control your desktop. 

Transfer files via direct transfer to or from the support representative (optional). 

TeamViewer will be installed onto your computer so that we can obtain remote access at any time with your permission. If you wish to uninstall the software please contact us and we will explain how to do this.

The Remote Connection

When you have agreed to use our remote service you will need to initiate a secure connection with one of our support engineers.

In order to create this connection, you will download a module to your system that will communicate with our engineer’s computer. Our engineer will explain where you can download this module over the telephone.

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